Black/Asian R&B Singer Jhene Aiko is DONE Using the N-Word in Her Songs

Jhene Aiko / Getty
Jhene Aiko / Getty

*R&B songstress, recording artist, and performer Jhene Aiko has recorded three studio albums under her name, which include “Souled Out” in 2014, “Trip” in 2017, and “Chilombo” in 2020.  She has also recorded collaboration albums, including Twenty88 in 2016 with rapper Big Sean.

While the Los Angeles native has experienced much success in music, she says that she no longer uses the n-word in her music.  In a response to a social media inquiry about her ethnicity and using the n-word in her songs, Aiko responded …

“Whispers, cat hair, Slauson asphalt and sand from Venice Beach,” she jokingly said.  “I am less black than someone half black, but also less white than someone half white, and Asian is the least thing I am.  So at this point, it’s whatever they want me to be.”

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Many of her social media followers didn’t understand her response, so Aiko broke it down in plain language about no longer using the n-word in her songs.

“I would like to say one more thing that hopefully simplifies this statement,” the songstress wrote.  “The discussion stemmed from the use of the n-word in my music, in the past.  And I let it be known I haven’t in a while and chose not to use it anymore moving forward out of respect and consideration to my ancestors and the individuals who feel uncomfortable when I say it.”

Aiko went on to say that she has a Japanese grandfather and a creole-Dominican grandmother on her mother’s side, and both of her father’s parents are black and white.  She also said that when she took a DNA test awhile back, the results showed that she was 25% Asian, 33% African, and 34% European.

“Ok, now I’m done explaining,” she wrote.  “Promise I am human and I see you all as family regardless of how you view me.”

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