DaBaby Insists He Didn’t Fall Off, Dropping New Album Tonight

After laying low for months, DaBaby is returning with his new album and hilariously insisting he has not fallen off.

On Thursday (Sept. 22), the controversial North Carolina rapper released the video for his latest single “Socks.” He also announced Baby on Baby 2 would be coming out at midnight via two funny Instagram promo videos. In the first video, titled Baby on Baby 2 Therapy Session, DaBaby is getting questioned by a therapist.

“So, Baby, I think you are kinda traumatized about the shooting that happened at your house that night,” the therapist says, referring to DaBaby shooting a man who was trespassing on his property back in April. “Can you give me some details about why you would shoot the guy when you got vicious-ass dogs around your goddamn house? Why didn’t you just simply call the police and let your dogs handle it?”

DaBaby is mum and the session eventually escalates to the two men pulling out guns.

In a second video, DaBaby reenacts the famous scene from the film Paid in Fullwhere Mitch cries over the death of his brother and threatens wrath upon the assailants.

“Any n*gga thought Baby fell off is F*UCKIN DEAD B! ? Baby On Baby ✌? MIDNIGHT,” DaBaby captioned the post.

Baby has been teasing the new project for several weeks, having already released the singles “Tough Skin” and “Waitress.” Back in July, he announced the LP would be coming out in August.

See DaBaby’s Promo Videos for His New Baby on Baby 2 Album Below

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