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It was a nail-biting experience for Desha Ravers, who watched the first few minutes of her father’s Rebel Salute performance from the sidelines.

Speaking to THE STAR, the popular dancer and influencer, who is the eldest child of dancehall icon Beenie Man, explained that she was more focused on his facial expressions and movements rather than trying to show moves of her own.

Beenie Man, also known as ‘The Doctor’, who was billed as Moses Davis for night two on ‘The People’s Show’, was advised by real medical professionals to stay off his feet to allow the injury to his right ankle to heal properly.

Desha Ravers shared, “He is well rested but he has to be very careful [so] I was very focused on him. I’m kinda more overprotective of daddy, especially when it comes on to medical issues with him.”

Beenie Man mentioned being about 85 per cent recuperated prior to the stage show, but was heard saying that he is 75 per cent, to which Desha Ravers said, “I need him to be 110 per cent alright, and that’s why I’ll be stern with him.”

“I paid attention to his facial expressions even though for the audience he will always show him good face. There are certain things, I always know the signs that tell if him in pain,” she said.

Approximately 10 minutes into the dancehall icon’s performance, he called for his chair, a white throne chair with gold embellishments that matched his attire. But barely used it.

“It was amazing, maybe all that rest he was getting paid off,” Desha Ravers said of her father’s performance and being able to join him on stage.

Over the years, the relationship between the two has been the subject of public scrutiny as the rebellious and outspoken Desha Ravers, given name Desha-Gaye Davis, would not let an opportunity pass to put her father on blast. But she said that is news of the past.

She said, “Over the years, I’ve grown to realise certain things you don’t want to be the focus no more, and one of the main reasons why me stay why me stay is because there are a lot of girls and boys who look up to me now. That means you are more than an influencer. Now you’re a teacher and you have to put aside certain things,” she said.

Desha Ravers also shared that another message she tries to send to the youth is actually one of the greatest lessons from her father.

“Always be yourself, always be true to yourself and everything that you want to achieve, work hard, push to it … there is no such thing as giving up. I guess he showed that too during his performance that he is not giving up,” she said.

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