“It did the job”: Determined mother offered three bedroom flat after The Voice challenges council

A MOTHER contacted The Voice at her wits end about her cramped, unsafe living conditions.

31-year-old Tinika Jackson is a key worker who lives with her two children, a son aged 10 and a daughter aged seven in a one bedroom flat. Her children share a bedroom and she sleeps in the living room.

Their circumstances had seriously affected the family’s quality of life.

Not only does Tinika have breathing difficulties, the situation severely affected her mental health. As a result of her housing situation, she dealt with depression and anxiety which caused her to lose hair.

The situation was especially difficult due to the pandemic.

An ongoing problem

She had been asking Hammersmith & Fulham council to solve damp and mould issues in her home for years. The recurring problem was that they had nowhere to stay and sleep while furniture was moved for repainting and harsh chemicals were sprayed to get rid of mould.

damp on ceiling

She had also been on the waiting list for a larger home for six years, double the expected waiting time.

The Voice asked Hammersmith & Fulham council what it was doing to assist Tinika and her family, repeatedly.

Now, we have heard back from Tinika that she has been offered a three bedroom property near a friend of hers, in an area that she knows is spacious and safe.

She believes our intervention helped move along a battle she had been fighting for years.

Before she even received the news, Tinika had bought packing boxes in preparation for a move, knowing that her current living circumstances were not acceptable.

Hammersmith & Fulham council have also told The Voice that if the property is not suitable, the housing department will make sure Tinika and her family are housed somewhere while necessary home improvements are made.

They say the lack of council housing is is an ongoing problem, and they had been making their best efforts to assist Tinika and her family.

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