Lori Harvey on Allegations She Dated Both Diddy and His Son

Lori Harvey - screenshot
Lori Harvey – screenshot

*Lori Harvey has come out to dispel the allegations that have been hovering over her head for some time. Speaking with Adrienne Bailon-Houghton of E! News, the 25-year-old got candid and shot straight at issues behind and before her.

She talked about love, relationships and why now is her time to enjoy herself. The host began by praising Harvey for her recent Black Love issue and then asking her how important love is in her life.

“Love is so important,” Harvey answered. “Love is the foundation, I feel like, to everything. And this is — the Black Love issue — is the first time they are featuring a single woman on the cover. So I’m very honored.”

At some point, she also admitted she has always been linked to other people and romantic affairs. She then let it known in no uncertain terms that NOW is her time. Houghton-Bailon then asked her why she brought that out so profoundly.

“I just feel like I’m growing. I feel like I’m growing as a woman and as an individual,” Harvey replied. “So I just feel like this time is about me — self-love, self-growth — just being patient with myself in every stage as I’m growing.

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Lori Harvey - Instagram
Lori Harvey – Instagram

She added that being on the cover of Essence as a single woman and asserting her independence publicly feels very “empowering.” She also can sense that 2023 has so far shown her she is coming into her own as a woman. She says she is really learning herself, growing her brand, and growing her business.

“…And just focusing on me now. I feel like I’ve focused on so many other things for years…” she added.

At the same time, she said she would like people to be patient with her; she’s still a young woman, learning and “figuring things out” in the public eye.

She then let out the most remarkable piece of advice she’s ever received from her father, Steve Harvey. She said her 65-year-old father has always told her she is the prize in dating and relationships, which means she shouldn’t compromise her values, happiness, and peace.

“It means… not settling for less than I know I deserve. And not being afraid to walk away from a situation if it’s no longer serving me,” she explained.

Justin Combs Sean Diddy Combs Lori Harvey - Getty
Justin Combs Sean Diddy Combs Lori Harvey – Getty

She then got to the “biggest misconceptions” she’s heard to deal with.

Harvey said, “It’s so funny, because I’m so quiet there’s been so many stories that have been made up about me. Like I’ve seen stories of me being fully in love with somebody and we had this whole relationship. And I’ll see the guy and I’ll be like, ‘I’ve actually never even met him before.’ Like full blown stories — I’ve heard I’ve dated a father and son before… Absolutely not true. And I’ve even heard that I’m a lesbian before.”

But she also admitted the stories are “hilarious” and “very entertaining.”

So, has she been dating Diddy? The Shade Room once reported that she was dating Diddy. The speculation came about after they were spotted out in 2019. TMZ then claimed that Harvey dated Diddy’s son, Justin Combs, before she upgraded to his father, Diddy. The three were spotted later that year in September while clubbing together, creating more questions.

Social media was also awash with the stories about Harvey and the Diddys. Sample these:

“Diddy (age 49) is vacationing in Italy with his girlfriend Lori (age 22), Lori’s stepdad Steve Harvey (age 62) and Lori’s Mom Marjorie (age 54). So Diddy’s potential mother-in-law is just 6 years older than he is.” — Pics from the Shade Room. pic.twitter.com/NYDOzr6sIF

These days Lori Harvey is spending time with rising actor Damson Idris after an extended relationship with a-list actor Michael B. Jordan.

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