Mo’Nique’s ‘Club Shay Shay’ Interview is Out

*Mo’Nique is following in Katt Williams’ footsteps by making controversial remarks, as she did on the same “Club Shay Shay” podcast. However, her list of targets is slightly different.

During her episode of the Shannon Sharpe-helmed podcast, which went live today, the comedian aimed at several prominent figures in the industry, including Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Tiffany Haddish, and Kevin Hart. Mo’Nique has been vocal in recent years about feeling blacklisted in Hollywood, and she reiterated her claims during the conversation with Shannon, accusing Winfrey and Perry of trying to hinder her career. This time, she revealed that she allegedly has audio evidence of Perry admitting to this, and Shannon Sharpe hinted that he might have heard it off-camera.

It is worth noting that Tyler Perry has denied Mo’s allegations of tarnishing her reputation behind the scenes, despite her consistent claims. She did not play the alleged audio on the “Club Shay Shay” show. However, Mo’Nique didn’t stop there.

She continued to hurl insults and make accusations, criticizing Oprah for “overstepping” in various instances. She even took a shot at Haddish for comments made about her in a GQ interview, going below the belt by referencing Tiffany’s DUI arrests and previous legal troubles.

Mo'Nique (Tiffany, DL, Kevin, Tyler, Oprah) - Getty composite via TMZ
Mo’Nique (Tiffany, DL, Kevin, Tyler, Oprah) – Getty composite via TMZ

It’s worth mentioning that Mo’Nique has been on a campaign for years, claiming that she has been mistreated by numerous industry figures. While she has reconciled with some individuals, it seems that there is still some lingering animosity with others.

It’s remarkable to think that Mo’Nique’s grievances all originate from a film she appeared in back in 2009—a movie she probably regrets due to the controversy that ensued.

Reactions on social media varied, with some expressing curiosity about the interview, while others criticized Shannon’s interviewing skills or commented on specific quotes shared from the podcast:

“Mo’Nque got on her best half wig”

“Meh, I doubt it’ll be as explosive as Katt’s interview but I have nothing else to watch so whatever.”

Mo'Nique and Oprah
Mo’Nique and Oprah

She already shading the hell out of Oprah: ‘I saw a big woman, with big arms, a big head and big feet.’”

“Why did Tyler Perry specify he wanted to meet Monique without her husband? Very, very dark.”

“Shannon trying to book Tyler Perry on his show via this Monique mess.”

“Shannon is such a terrible interviewer omg. Someone needs to give him a crash course on journalism bc that man is always flailing with the questions. Very painful to watch. Not eloquent at all.”

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