Objekt releases first EP in four years, ‘Objekt #5’ – News

Objekt is back and with a two-track EP titled ‘Objekt #5’ making this his first release since 2018.

The Berlin-based producer and DJ whose real name is TJ Hertz, delves into a new dancehall sound in this EP that adds a fresh rhythm to the artist’s work.

The new EP is described to be “tackling ‘the slow banger’ with a signature flair, he delivers two of his most raucous club tracks to date” and was written, produced and engineered exclusively by Objekt himself.

A pioneer of the industry, this white-label release is the first for four years since his second album ‘Cocoon Crush’ came out as well as five years since his last EP ‘Objekt #4’ that famously includes ‘Theme From Q’.

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In 2017, Mixmag spoke with Objekt about the success of ‘Theme From Q’: “I was pretty surprised by how far it went in terms of crossing over into different scenes,” he said.

His first release was part of this the white-label series and was ‘Objekt #1’ back in 2011.

In 2018, Mixmag named Objekt DJ of the year, in this exclusive interview Hertz spoke about how he got into making music: “I couldn’t just watch from the sidelines,” he says.

“I had to be involved and find out how it all worked. So I started to DJ and learned how to make rudimentary music on a computer. I quickly realized that as a DJ you don’t face anywhere near the same hardships as a band member. It was a whole new form of music, and also a whole new mode of appreciation. I was attracted to the functionality – the way tracks were made purely to make people dance – and also how you could see the visceral response of people who were actually there to enjoy themselves, as opposed to people who’d been dragged along to their friend’s band’s gig”.

Objekt will be playing back in the UK at Maiden Voyage Festival in August and has recently performed at Wire Club, Leeds alongside Kikelomo and YILAN.

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1. Bad Apples

2. Ballast

Check out ‘Objekt #5’ below.

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