Social Media Going Ka-razy Over Alleged Drake Video Leak

*Today, Tuesday, February 6, 2024 is going down as the day social media encountered the BIG ONE. Specifically, that would be an alleged viral video of rapper/singer/actor Drake‘s you-know-what.

The video was released on X/Twitter and it allegedly shows the Canadian entertainer slinging a monster (code for his man-meat) in a video. As you can imagine, social media reactions to the video swift and have not stopped coming.

If by chance you have not witnessed it, Madamenoire describes it this way: “On Feb. 6, X account @Campusnightchat posted the footage of a light-skinned man recording himself, sitting spread eagle, holding his impressive yet semi-flaccid penis while the cellphone blocked his face.”

The video has since been deleted, but other reports say it keeps getting re-added by enthusiastic fans.

Drake (Paul R Giunta-Invision-AP)
Drake (Paul R Giunta-Invision-AP)

Keep in mind that Drizzy has directly confirmed that the man-meat in the leaked vid is his, but he hasn’t denied it, either. However, he has responded to the excitement with a snarky post on Instagram.

“I wasn’t hiding my meat from the world. I was hiding the world from it – Papi.”

Drake's response to viral video leak
Drake’s response to viral video leak

Check out these reactions from Twitter:

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