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*Long-time reality star (Basketball Wives, Real World, Marriage Boot Camp), actress, wife, and mom Tami Roman is being dragged on the internet for being too thin and there are rumors that her handsome hubby – 17 years her junior — is cheating.

In an exclusive interview with iHeartRadio personality and EURweb Spotlight host  Jazmyn ‘Jaz’ Summers, the “Haus of Vicious,” “Ms. Pat” and “Unfaithful: Caught in the Act” star dishes about the renewal of “Unfaithful,”  her marriage,  getting pregnant and claps back against the internet haters.

Tami tells EURweb Spotlight that contrary to social media speculation, she is not sick but has struggled with her weight since she was a teenager.

“I’m extremely thin because that’s what I felt I had to be in order to be beautiful And every day is a challenge.  Someone else might get up and stand naked in front of, the mirror and go, oh my goodness like I could pinch (some fat)  right here and then go on about their business. But if  I can pinch, that becomes a whole mission of like, I’ve gotta lose it. That’s still now. And people have seen my weight, fluctuate up and down, heavier, thinner, even on “Unfaithful” and “Haus of Vicious”, you’ll see me heavy and then thin again. It’s an obsession for me.”

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Tami shares that it is an ongoing struggle that she still hasn’t shaken. It began with her dream of being a model.

“If I see my clavicle and I see bones that’s great to me but to you, you’d be like, Tammy, you need to eat something. I have Body Dysmorphic Disorder. I didn’t realize that I had it for most of my life until I was diagnosed with it in 2008. It’s either hereditary or a traumatic event that you go through that alters your mind to perceive things a certain way. For me when I was 13, I was trying to model and I went to an agency and I thought I was perfect. I was thin.

She adds: “I was tall and that lady basically annihilated my self-esteem. That’s why I got my mouth wired shut and I was already thin. I thought this must really be what’s wrong with me. I’ve got folds on my back, on my thighs. I need to have a nose, job, boob job, all of this. Like this is what she made me feel like. And I left that, open-call audition saying I’ve just gotta get skinnier.”

But she says there is one spot where she wanted some fat.

“I did do my butt,” she divulges. “Because I got so thin that there was nothing there. It’s like you’re always in search of what perfection is to you as you see yourself. That’s what the disorder is.”

We always want that bootie lol.

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Tami and her husband have been married since August of 2018. He is a former NFL player and works in the trucking industry, where he owns his own company, and has appeared on several reality shows with Tami. She says the rumors are dead wrong and she has no doubts about hubby’s fidelity,

“We’re very honest with each other. From the minute we met each other it’s just been real genuine conversations and just being like brutally honest with each other. He lets me know what he don’t like. I let him know what I don’t like and then we make a decision to either change or work through it. And we have a good time together. We’re each other’s best friends and there’s no secrets,” she reveals to Jaz

Tami gushes over her love with Reggie and says she’s never experienced a relationship where her man has been able to help her through her emotional issues.

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“I always wanted when I love someone for them to love you unconditionally. And Reggie has exuded so much patience with me over the seven years we’ve been together. I use this analogy of everybody’s always in line at the baggage claim, you know what I mean, waiting to pick their stuff up and take it to the next situation. We just keep bringing that baggage from destination to destination. And so I was that girl. And Reggie did not tell me that he was gonna be present and help me through my stuff. He showed me.”

Tami recounts that their relationship was seriously tested with his desire to have a child and it was something she desperately wanted to give him. She already has two daughters, Lyric and Jazz, from her marriage to retired basketball player Kenny Anderson.

“Knowing that he hadn’t had any children, and I have two beautiful daughters. I really wanted to be able to give that to him, myself, not with a surrogate,” she  And that’s why I kept trying. Ultimately, the doctors were like, because of my age and my diabetes and health reasons, , it just wouldn’t be healthy for me to keep doing it. So we froze the eggs and we were looking for a surrogate and then I got busy and I couldn’t be a part of that process.  There was a clip where  I we could take a break so that he can go have a baby. But I wasn’t talking about him being with another woman. I feel like picking a surrogate is a lengthy process and you’ve gotta be invested. And I wanted him to take the time to go and invest in that, to pick the right person, to put my eggs over there and let that person be the person. And he ultimately said, no, I don’t wanna do any of that. If it’s not you, then I’m good which is another testament to him.”

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Tami’s show on BET “Haus of Viscous” is wrapping up and its not clear if it will be renewed but she just got word that “Unfaithful Caught in the Act” is slated for season two. Season one  premiered in July this year and is available to stream on VH1.

“When they approached me to do the show, I was like, what are we doing that’s different? One is having the suspicious lover sit down with their partner’s other lover, I was like, I’m sold because in my previous marriage and there was infidelity,” she shares. “I would’ve loved to have the opportunity to sit down with some of those women to just find out why.   You know he’s married or maybe you don’t know he is married, but whatever it is, I would’ve loved the ability to have a conversation to compare notes if you will.  That element stuck out to me because that would’ve saved me a lot of  heartache  We work through why do women or men make these decisions that really are detrimental to them and detrimental to a family,  detrimental to a couple.”

It is sometimes a tough show to do she shares particularly when there are situations that mirror her painful moments.

“A moment that, definitely made me get emotional was when Tracy who’s one of the young ladies on the first episode pulled out her sonogram with her twins that she had lost. She had miscarried and for me, who has suffered three miscarriages that sent me somewhere., I had to take a break when we were filming and then come back to it. This show is causing me to dig deep in a lot of different things.”

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Tami says there is no truth to the rumours that she might join the Real Housewives franchise in California or return to Basketball Wives.

“No, no, no, no, no, no. I’m done with that. I’m done with that,” she exclaims.

Right now, my girl says she is enjoying a busy career and a rich life with the freedom that not having a young child allows you

Tami Roman
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“We kinda like can do anything, and children change things. Not that if a couple decides to have kids that one is better than the other, but for us right now. This is what works.”

You can catch the full conversation in the video at the top.

Jazmyn Summers
Jazmyn Summers

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And it’s, it’s a bad one too. The man asked me if, if I could like, like, would you ever? And so I said, I, I love if I were to do something like that, it would be there, but there’s no talks that I don’t want to join that show. <laugh> I like, they are amazing like no way, no, how, you know, it was just answering a hypothetical question that will never come to fruition


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