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FROM MENTAL health challenges to studying with learning difficulties ‘The Edu-Scope Show’, a unique, education-focused, community internet radio show, launches this weeend.

Ariane Mercurius-Taylor, founder & CEO of UpReach in the Community CIC, the organisation spearheading the show, told the Voice that with the issues that affect a child’s educational attainment varying from one community to another she felt a space where children and adults could share their experiences was needed.

Featuring guests from across various industries, ‘The Edu-Scope Show’ will give students the chance to have their questions answered on topics that they are finding the most challenging at school and further afield.

The series will also provide families with important information about the UK education system and updates to the current curriculum taught in schools.

Ariane Mercurius-Taylor

‘The Edu-Scope Show’ launches on March 6, 2021 at 7pm on Chalkhill Community Radio and will be aired thereafter on the first Saturday of each month.

The show will also be available for playback on SoundCloud on the same day and as a podcast on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts from March 13, 2021.

Mercurius-Taylor founded UpReach in the Community after she attended a series of London Schools and the Black Child conferences, hosted by Dianne Abbott MP in the early 2000’s.  

Shocked by the data suggesting that the UK education system was failing Black children, Mercurius-Taylor was inspired to create an organisation aimed at helping students maximise their potential and reach their academic goals by providing free and subsidised subject tuition services for those most in need. 

“My drive is to create affordable tuition options for students who genuinely want to improve their educational level and for all students whose backgrounds are deemed as less than favourable.” said Mercurius-Taylor.

The ‘UpSkill Yourself’ Programme, launched as a direct response to some of the issues facing young people during the pandemic, helps to bridge the predicted peak in the youth unemployment gap.

‘The Edu-Scope Show’ name and brand were created by the participants and volunteers of the inaugural ‘UpSkill Yourself’ programme in 2020.

The programme’s overarching aim is to provide a digital environment to equip young people with a platform to enhance their skill set, CV and future workplace opportunities.  

“I wanted to create something for our young people during the lock-down period to help combat their insecurities and anxieties about ‘what happens next’,” said Mercurius-Taylor. 

“So we provided a digital environment here at UpReach in the Community for young people to learn a new skill, to use their time at home more productively and to add some interesting work experience to their CV.”

UpReach in the Community has also created the ‘Educational Improvement, Advocacy and Proxy Programme (EIAPP)’ which combines private tuition, encouragement of parent communication and a tailored educational development plan to help students reach their educational milestones.

Other initiatives such as ‘Financial Planning’ and ‘Tea and Business’ workshops help to empower individuals to set up their own business and understand the financial health of their organisations.

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